Molecular evolution of Drosophila species

計畫名稱:Molecular evolution of Drosophila species


研究團隊:Evolutionary Genetics Team



資源需求:perl, python, c++, bioperl, biopython, Trinity, bwa, bowtie, bowtie2, samtools, ncbilocalblast, blat, R, PAML, R package: DEGseq, edgeR, noiseq


Molecular evolution of Drosophila species

Our projects focus on the understanding of genetic changes between closely related Drosophila species, including studying the evolutionary divergence between populations of Drosophila species, investigating the gut bacteria diversity of specialized Drosophilidea species, and revealing the speciation history of D. simulans clade. In these projects, we are mainly working with NGS sequences generated by either Roche-454 or Illumina sequencing technologies. For most of these data, we will need to construct the reference transcriptome by de novo assembly based on hundred millions of sequence reads or to map the NGS reads to the reference transcriptomes or genomes for comparative studies. In parallel, we will also analyze the evolutionary patterns at the genomic level.