Atomic and Molecular Physics in Strong Fields

計畫名稱:Atomic and Molecular Physics in Strong Fields


研究團隊:Ultrafast science and strong-field AMD 203


研究人員:John Heslar

資源需求:ESSL, lapack


Ultrafast science and strong-field atomic and molecular physics

The study of the structure and dynamics of atoms and molecules in the presence of intense external fields is a subject of contemporary importance in science and technology. In particular, the advancement of intense ultrashort laser pulse technology has led to the discovery of a number of novel and very high-order (100th to 300th order) multi-photon and nonlinear optical phenomena that cannot be treated by means of traditional perturbation theories. Among the strong-field processes being studied are: multiphoton and above-threshold ionization of atoms, multiphoton and above-threshold dissociation of molecules, the nature of chemical bonds in intense laser fields (bond softening and hardening), Coulomb explosion, very-high-order harmonic generation and table-top x-ray laser, comb laser, and more recently, attosecond science and technology, etc.

Develop new theoretical formulisms and accurate and efficient large-scale computational methods for in-depth ab-initio investigation of chemical, physical, and astronomical processes of current significance in science and technology.

Development of self-interaction-free time dependent (TD) DFT and TD-current DFT, allowing accurate non-perturbative treatment of the multiphoton dynamics and strong field phenomena of many-electron molecular systems for the first time.

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