Cryptology and Cryptanalysis with Reconfigurable Computers

計畫名稱:Cryptology and Cryptanalysis with Reconfigurable Computers




資源需求:OpenMP, MPICH, Intel C/C++ compiler


Cryptology and Cryptanalysis with Reconfigurable Computers

We aim to apply the open-source software development model to the domain of hardware/software codesign. Specifically, we propose to build around the GNU/Linux operating system a POSIX-thread compatible multi-threaded programming model for the reconfigurable CPU/FPGA hybrid platform. Under this programming model, hardware and software computation tasks will be able to communicate efficiently while executing in parallel. Also, the computations carried out by software and hardware are treated in a homogeneous way and thus interchangeable. Our target applications are in cryptology and cryptanalysis. An important benchmark for success is to compare the performance so achieved with that achieved using pure software-based method with state-of-the-art parallel computers. Therefore, we need to implement the target cryptanalysis system on parallel computers. We also hope to obtain a better understanding of the target application in the due process.

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