Live peer-to-peer streaming system

計畫名稱:Live peer-to-peer streaming system





資源需求:Perl, gcc, g++, matlab


Live peer-to-peer streaming system

Media packet scheduling is one of important ingredients in P2P live streaming system. In this work, we focus on the design of a two-way scheduling protocol both in sender-side and receiver-side for mesh-pull P2P live streaming system. Different from previous works, we advocate the integration of rate-distortion optimization (i.e. minimize overall perceived distortion under the limited capacity of the overlay) into the two-way scheduling protocol. To achieve it, each media packet is assigned a relative rate-distortion value by a quality gain function in advance. Then, for the receiver-side, each peer selfishly requests absent blocks with most rate-distortion benefit from its neighbors. On the other hand, for the sender-side, each peer tends to serve the requests which are capable of amplifying perceived visual quality of overall system first. The simulation results show that the proposed scheduling protocol can leverage the system capacity to achieve better visual quality than existing P2P streaming systems.

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